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Cast Iron Welding Platen

Technical Specification of Welding Table / Welding Platen:
BFPL Cast Iron Welding tables are being used in various industries majorly for welding and fabrication.

BFPL Welding Tables / Welding Platens manufactured completely in house, with world class manufacturing facility equipped with CNC machines, starting from Design, Casting, Machining and till finish and packing to ensure product quality matching with international standards, having Cored and ribbed construction, Cast Iron of grade starting from FG 200 (as per IS 210) OR GG-20 to FG-300 OR GG-30 (or higher) having hardness minimum 160 BHN.

Basic Features:

Profiles: Generally provided with cored round Φ50mm OR square holes of size 50x50mm at grid of 200x200mm.

Stress Relieving: Bed Plates shall be manufactured with castings duly stress relieved, after rough machining to prevent distortion.

Flatness Accuracy: Generally supplied with Flatness accuracy Grade I, II or III as per DIN-876.

Surface Finish: Welding platen shall be supplied with CNC Machine finish.

Floor Stand: Welding Platen shall be provided with or without Floor Stand as per requirement of customer.


1000 x 1000 3000 x 1500
1500 x 1000 3000 x 2000
1500 x 1500 3000 x 2500
2000 x 1000 3000 x 3000
2000 x 1500 3500 x 1500
2000 x 2000 3500 x 2000
2500 x 1000 3500 x 2500
2500 x 1500 3500 x 3000
2500 x 2000 4000 x 1000
2500 x 2500 4000 x 1500
3000 x 1000 4000 x 2000

*Other sizes & combinations can be manufactured as per requirement.
*Large sizes can be made by joining individual platens along sides together to make required overall area.



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